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About Us: Rino’s Ultimate Dental Experience

At RiNo Dental, we want you to know something right off the bat: regular dental care doesn’t HAVE to be miserable. Surprising, right? You may be skeptical, and we understand that – for far too long, patients have had to suffer through stuffy dental practices and gruff dentists who seem like they don’t want to be there. In today’s world, you deserve a modern experience that fits your modern life, and that’s just what Dr. Bryant Franz wants to provide. Having your teeth treated and cleaned may never be fun, exactly, but it can be comfortable and pleasant here in the RiNo Art district. Find out more about us and see how we deliver comfortable and pleasant dental experiences to you.

Modern Technology

Woman in dental chair examining smile using mirrorIt’s the 21st century – shouldn’t your dental care be as up-to-date as the rest of your life? That’s why Dr. Franz uses the latest tools when treating his patients, including high-resolution intraoral cameras, safe and comprehensive digital X-rays, gag-free digital impressions, and more. That way, our patients feel well cared for and at ease throughout every appointment, which is important to us. You should be 100% confident about trusting your smile in our hands! 

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No Lectures

Large colorful mural on the side of a buildingIt sucks when a dentist talks down to you like you’re five years old and lectures on and on about how you could be taking better care of your smile. At RiNo Dental, we’re all imperfect humans; life can get busy, and mistakes happen. That’s why we talk to you just like we’d talk to anyone else – calm, friendly, and ready to help when needed. We’ll work through any issues you’re facing together, and you’ll have our passionate, non-judgmental support throughout every step of the process.

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Person texting on a smart phoneA lot of people don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, but plenty of dental offices insist that patients have to communicate the old-fashioned way with them regardless. Here, we want to give you options. You can call us if that’s what you prefer, but it’s just as easy to set up an appointment by filling out our form here online, texting us, or even sending us a message through social media. We’ll confirm your appointment or answer your question as soon as we can, no problem.

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Early/Late Hours

 Vintage twin bell alarm clockIt can be such a huge hassle to have to find the time for a dentist’s appointment in your crowded schedule. Instead of rearranging your daily routine, just pick a practice that offers open hours when most of the country isn’t busy at work or school like RiNo Dental. With both early morning and evening hours available, you can keep up with your life and take care of your smile without breaking a sweat.

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You’re Covered

Two women smiling brightly while huggingIf you have dental insurance, that’s great – we’re in-network providers for many of the major plans, and our team can help you figure out your benefits so that your care is affordable and headache-free. If you don’t have any insurance, you’re still more than welcomed. In fact, we offer the Neighborhood Plan for our uninsured patients, which comes with free six month checkups and big discounts on other services for just $25 a month. Everyone deserves good dental care, and we’ll do what we can to save you from breaking the bank. 

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Dental Emergencies

Young man in pain holding his cheekYou’re walking along during your lunch break, enjoying the nice weather, and then BAM! You trip and bang your tooth right on the sidewalk. Or maybe what was once just a dull discomfort in the back of your mouth has suddenly turned into serious, lip-biting pain. In these situations, you need a dental team that’s located nearby, can see you right away, and provides relief fast. At RiNo Dental, we definitely fit the bill. Dr. Bryant Franz makes time for emergency care when you need it – it’s as simple as that.

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Committed to RiNo

Vibrant mural decorating wallA good dental practice doesn’t just help patients inside the office; it cares about the community all around too. No one believes in this more than Dr. Franz, who is proud to be a part of the RiNo district as it continues to grow and thrive. There’s plenty to do here (including music festivals, arts festivals, charity work, and more) and we can’t wait to get involved in it all and make our neighborhood even better.

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