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Regular Dental Checkups & Cleanings Help You Enjoy A Smile That Lasts

Even people who brush and floss every day can end up with a cavity, a damaged tooth, or other problems from time to time. That’s why it’s smart to maintain regular appointments with a dentist you can trust – and who better than someone right down the street in the RiNo neighborhood? Dr. Bryant Franz isn’t your parents’ doctor; instead, he and his team have worked hard to create a friendly and relaxing office atmosphere that reflects our modern surroundings. With dental checkups and cleanings every six months, you can maintain healthy, attractive teeth that serve you well for years to come. Contact us today and schedule your first visit. 

What Happens During My Checkup?

RiNo Dental Checkups & Cleanings man smilingDr. Franz’s goal during each and every checkup is simple: he wants to understand your smile in full. He’ll take a close look at each tooth, the gums, the jaw, restorations like crowns and fillings, and more, using digital X-rays as well to see anything that’s hidden under the surface. If he locates even small signs of a problem, he’ll address it right away in order to keep your care simple and stress-free. Our biggest hope for our patients is to stop the minor inconveniences of today from becoming the full-blown dental emergencies of tomorrow.

What Happens During my Cleaning?

Woman getting teeth examinedJust like the name suggests, your cleaning is designed to keep the teeth and gums fresh and bacteria-free. Over time, plaque (the sticky, colorless substance that brings the threat of infection along for the ride) is constantly forming in the mouth, and areas that you miss during brushing and flossing can harden into tartar and stay stubbornly put in place over time. Our team will get rid of them for you and eliminate any minor staining to boot so that your smile feels better than ever. 

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