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If you’re considering dental implants in RiNo, you may be wondering exactly how they’re placed. At RiNo Dental, we are here to provide a unique and awesome experience for our patients, which is why Dr. Franz is letting you take a peek behind the scenes of implant placement. Unlike other offices in the area, we can place and restore your dental implants at the same location. We’re ready to pull back the curtain on dental implant placement to help you understand what the process is like.


Once you’ve finished your consultation, and your surgery is scheduled, it’s time to get started on completing your smile! After making sure you’re numb, and as relaxed as Santa in the summer, we’ll begin to make small incisions in your gum to access your bone. Then, we’ll create tiny holes in your jaw for the placement of your implants. Once your implants are placed, we’re not just going to let you walk out with gaps in your smile! We’ll provide you with temporary pearly whites until your implants have healed enough for your permanent restorations. This recovery process is called osseointegration, which is a fancy word that means your implant is going to be nice and sturdy after 3 to 4 months.



Following your surgery, you may experience some slight soreness, but that’s to be expected after receiving a life changing treatment. Some swelling, bruising, and bleeding may occur, but these symptoms are completely normal. We’ll definitely be prescribing you some good pain meds to keep you comfortable, and you may also receive antibiotics to fight off infection. Also, it’s important that you allow yourself some chill time for a few days after surgery. Take a few days off of work or activity and kick your feet up to start feeling better. Be sure to stick to a liquid diet during the first 24 hours and avoid using a straw. After, you can start to eat softer foods (mashed potatoes are one of our favorites).

Once your dental implants in River North have completely healed, all that’s left to do is to come into our office for your custom-made restorations. Dr. Franz will let you check out your new teeth before permanently fixing them to your implants with a connector called an abutment. The rest is up to you! Start smiling, walk out of our office, and enjoy a beautiful, strong, and confident set of teeth.

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