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Benefits of Dental Implants – Denver, CO

Flawlessly Restoring Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

At RiNo Dental, we understand that it can be a little intimidating or overwhelming when you first start looking into getting dental implants. After all, they are considered a lifetime investment. Don’t worry, though. Dr. Bryant Franz will walk you through every step of the process at your consultation, including all the ways in which dental implants can improve your unique oral health. In the meantime, you can read more about some of the numerous benefits of dental implants down below. And, when you’re ready to complete your smile with the best tooth replacement option currently available, just give us a call!

Look and Feel Your Absolute Best

older man in blue polo smiling with dental implants in Denver

Traditional solutions to tooth loss only replace the crowns of the missing teeth, or the parts that are clearly visible in your smile, without addressing the missing root that lies beneath the gumline. Dental implants, on the other hand, are able to replicate the structure of the entire missing tooth. Because of their biocompatible nature, your implants will fuse with your jawbone and essentially become a part of your own anatomy. As a result, they will feel as natural as the pearly whites you were born with. Not to mention they will halt the jawbone deterioration that comes as a result of prolonged tooth loss. This jawbone shrinkage can make your facial muscles droop and wrinkle, prematurely aging you. Once your implants have been topped with a lifelike restoration, no one should be able to tell the difference!

Enjoy All Your Favorite Foods Again

close up of person eating red apple

Whether you have gaps in your grin or you’re wearing an ill-fitting denture, you may have trouble chewing some of your favorite crunchy or chewy foods. Even if you’re missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported denture can restore 70% or more of your biting force, compared to the 20% typical of traditional dentures. In addition to enjoying your favorite foods again, you’ll also be better able to adhere to a healthy, varied diet of crunchy fruits and vegetables as well as chewy meats.

Maintain Excellent Oral Health

elderly couple in matching gray sweaters smiling

Since dental implants can support themselves entirely on their own, none of your remaining healthy tooth structure has to be sacrificed to place them. Bridges require that at least two of your natural teeth be gradually worn down under the weight of the restoration. Additionally, dentures can sometimes irritate your gums. On the other hand, dental implants support themselves, stimulate your jawbone, and help keep your gums healthy and full.

Care for Your New Smile Easily

older man in dress shirt and tie smiling

Once your implant restorations have been placed, you should be able to brush that part of your smile in the same way you brush your natural teeth. Flossing can be a little more complicated, but Dr. Franz can walk you through the necessary steps to clean around your restoration. In many cases, you can use a water or air flosser to remove food debris and plaque from that area.

Have a Smile That Lasts a Lifetime

Traditional tooth replacement options like bridges and dentures usually have to be replaced every five to ten years. While your restoration may have to be replaced every few years, your implant itself has the potential to last for several decades, if not for the rest of your life. Just take proper care of your remaining teeth and gums, and visit us at regular intervals for checkups, and your new smile should last for years to come!

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