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You surely remember the dental offices of your childhood – unpleasant lighting, intimidating doctors, and plenty of bulky machinery. At RiNo Dental, Dr. Bryant Franz is proud to have given these age-old images a much-needed upgrade all around, including the tools. This modern practice features plenty of sophisticated technology and techniques that puts your comfort first. It’s our team’s goal to create a space that you can genuinely enjoy visiting instead of dreading every moment. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment here in Denver's RiNo Art District, just let us know.



Have you ever found yourself nodding and smiling at what a dentist says without understanding what they’re talking about? Since you can’t see what they’re seeing during an examination, it’s easy to feel left in the dark about your own smile’s needs – but not with the help of an intraoral camera. Our team uses these camera-tipped wands to show you high-definition images of your mouth on the big screen. Dr. Franz can point out cavities and other problems, explain treatments, and answer any questions you have much more clearly.



The old days of X-rays came with traditional film, clunky lightboards, and big darkrooms, not to mention way too much radiation exposure for patients. At RiNo Dental, we’ve chosen to invest in a big step up: digital X-rays. Now, the process of taking X-rays and bringing them up on our computer for viewing happens in a matter of seconds, not hours. All storage can be handled in a digital and environmentally friendly manner, and radiation is reduced by up to 80% for added safety.



We all remember the days of having that gross impression goo stuffed in our mouths and trying not to gag on it. With digital impressions, those unpleasant memories can stay in the past. All our team has to do is complete a scan of your teeth, and we can create a three-dimensional model on the computer that helps us design lifelike crowns, bridges, and other restorations. With this method, we can also decrease the chances of time-consuming retakes too – always good news for the busy professional. If you are thinking about straightening your teeth with Invisalign, we can take digital impressions and use a simulator to show you what your teeth can look like after they are straightened. Contact us for a consultation.



Does visiting the dentist make you feel a little (or a lot) nervous? Get ready to relax with the help of oral conscious sedation! That’s right -- you really can sit back and breathe deep when you’re at the dentist. This sedation option helps ease your mind while local anesthesia numbs the treatment area to ensure you don’t feel a thing throughout the treatment. For procedures big and small, oral conscious sedation can provide great help.



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