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When you come in for a dental appointment, you should be greeted by people who respect you, who are friendly with you, and who you actually like being around. That’s why Rino Dental has surrounded themselves with awesome team members who understand the modern approach and are ready to help you finally have a fabulous experience at the dentist’s office. We all look forward to meeting you!

Megan L-  

Introducing the vibrant and adventurous Front Office Manager, Megan – a true enthusiast of the supernatural, a lover of music's rhythms, and a connoisseur of all things sweet. Currently immersed in the magical worlds of Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she finds comfort and fascination in the realm of the mystical. Her feet come alive to the beats of progressive house music, creating an irresistible urge to tap along. While it may not be her absolute favorite genre, its infectious rhythms have her moving to the melody. Megan's sweet tooth is a force to be reckoned with – she adores all things sweet and embraces them unapologetically. From candy to cookies, she's a true lover of the sugary delights that make life a little sweeter. When it comes to a special dinner, Megan's heart belongs to crab legs. The succulent taste of these delicacies is a treat she holds close to her heart. Her fabulous vacations have taken her across the globe, from the enchanting UK to the captivating landscapes of Australia. Yet, her wanderlust remains unquenched, with Mexico calling to her as the next adventure on her vacation bucket list. Megan's interests and hobbies are as vibrant as her spirit. Arts and crafts provide her with an outlet for her creativity, while swimming lets her connect with the soothing embrace of water. Chasing sunsets is a poetic pursuit, one that allows her to witness the beauty of day turning into night. Live music, too, has a special place in her heart, as it fills her with energy and elation. Her zest for life doesn't stop there; festivals and concerts are her playgrounds of joy. The exhilaration of live performances and the camaraderie of fellow music enthusiasts light up her days. In the realm of companionship, Megan is accompanied by two feline friends – Tallulah and Fefe. Their presence adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort to her life, completing the picture of a well-rounded and vibrant individual. Megan's journey is a fusion of magic, music, and sweet moments. Her ability to find joy in both the simple and the extraordinary aspects of life is a testament to her adventurous spirit and zest for making memories. 


Brittany S 

Meet Brittany, the spirited EDDA Dental Assistant who's all about embracing life's diverse experiences! With a remote in one hand and a YouTube journey in the other, she's the reigning Queen of Binging, treating herself to the quirky world of King of the Hill and the endless treasures of YouTube. When the beats drop and the music envelops her, you can find Brittany tapping her feet to the electrifying sounds of Ganja White Knight or the enchanting melodies of various instruments. Her love for music is a testament to her soul's need for rhythm and harmony. Brittany's love for stories takes her to the realm of literature, where "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" has captured her heart. Lost in the pages, she finds solace in the journeys that books offer. Her unique dream for a live act is just as inspiring – she envisions an ASL interpreter for an Eminem show, blending the power of music and inclusion in a truly remarkable way. The taste of adventure on Brittany's lips comes in the form of strawberry coconut drinks and fruit crepes, two delicacies that satisfy her taste buds and add a dash of tropical joy to her days. But her heart also dances to the tune of a hearty meal like chicken parm with Brussel sprouts and pasta, a perfect blend of comfort and flavor. Her vacation stories are just as exciting as her dreams, with Palisade, Vegas, and Glenwood decorating her travel map. Yet, her wanderlust continues with dreams of exploring Oregon and Louisiana in the future. In her world, interests and hobbies are her playgrounds of joy. Live music feeds her soul, crocheting lets her hands create magic, and paddle boarding connects her with the soothing embrace of water. Poi spinning and thrifting are more ways she finds delight, as each activity adds its own unique rhythm to her life. Completing the picture is her feline friend, Lilith. With her as a loyal companion, Brittany's world is brimming with life, energy, and companionship. Brittany's journey is a vibrant tapestry of music, literature, flavors, and experiences. Her ability to find joy in the smallest moments and embrace the diversity of life is a testament to her adventurous spirit and open heart. 


Dreya L 

Meet Dreya! She’s been in dentistry for 21 years, and she still loves every moment of her career. “My goal is to make sure that everyone who sits in my chair has at least one good belly laugh and learns something important about their dental health. I’ve had dental anxiety and trauma in my life, so it’s my job to make sure you feel seen and heard.” Dreya loves collecting first edition signed books and Adidas Superstars (she has over 100 pairs), going to Comic-Con and meeting her favorite actors/celebrities, and spending time with her cockatiel Margot Robbie. When not gardening gums, you’ll find Dreya either in a movie theater with the love of her life Nick, at a concert, or at the latest gathering of nerds.  




Emmerson Z 

Emmerson is a Dental Hygienist from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. With a passion for excellence in oral care, Emmerson has been recognized for her exceptional dedication to the field, earning the prestigious Hu Friedy Golden Scaler award. 

Outside of the dental office, Emmerson can be found training for an upcoming half marathon, actively seeking out new challenges and experiences through travel while exploring unfamiliar cultures, cuisines, and extreme sports along the way.  






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