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Dental Implants Transform Your Oral Health and Quality of Life

When you’re missing one or more natural teeth, it’s hard to forget that fact – after all, our teeth help us eat our favorite foods, smile and speak in personal and professional settings, and much more. Without them, both your oral health and your quality of life can take a big hit as a result. So why not replace them with new “teeth” that look just like the real thing? No service accomplishes this better than dental implants. At RiNo Dental, Dr. Bryant Franz will guide you through this transformative procedure with friendliness, comfort, and plenty of drive. All you need to do is contact our practice to get started.

Why Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For Tooth Replacement?

RiNo Dental Implants woman talking on phoneYour tooth consists of two separate, but equally important parts. The crown is the portion that everyone’s already familiar with – the white shape that shows in your smile. However, there’s also a root that’s well-hidden beneath the jawbone. Without a tooth root in place, your jawbone’s health can suffer and deteriorate as a result; that’s why you often see older people with a “hunched” facial appearance.

While traditional tooth replacement options only bother with rebuilding the crown, dental implants are designed to represent the root instead. Then, they’re covered with a lifelike restoration on top, which boosts both your aesthetics and your health. Dental implants are strong, functional, and built to last – in fact, many patients are able to enjoy them for the rest of their lives.

Dental Implant Placement

Model implants and pliers holding model teethAfter our team has determined that you’re a good candidate for one or more dental implants, they’ll need to be inserted into your jawbone. This surgical procedure will be completed right here in our RiNo neighborhood office for maximum convenience and comfort. Once the implant is in place, your body takes care of the rest, gradually merging with it in order to create a stable foundation for replacement teeth. Once your mouth is healed and ready, you’ll return so that we can start creating the restoration that fits on top.

Dental Implant Restoration

Closeup of flawless smileDepending on the number of implants we’ve placed and how many teeth you’re missing, we’ll recommend a restoration that best fits you. For instance, a tooth-colored dental crown can cover an individual implant just fine, while a custom-made denture or bridge can span multiple implants for more cost-effective coverage that still provides plenty of long-term reliability. Whatever the finished result is, our goal is to leave you with a recompleted smile that’s utterly seamless from the one that came before.

Dental Implant Technology

cone beam scannerWe use a range of different technologies to help provide high-quality dental implant services to our patients. The dental cone beam (CBCT) scanner, for example, is an advanced type of X-ray machine that captures detailed, three-dimensional images of the hard and soft tissues in a patient’s mouth. We use those images to create precise dental implant treatment plans that minimize the risk of complications. Other technology we utilize include sedation, intraoral cameras, and digital impressions. 

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