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Fast Emergency Care from the Emegency Dentists at RiNo Dental

Having a dental emergency? Call our emergency hotline for help! (303) 292-3120

Dental emergencies can happen suddenly – maybe you’ve cracked a tooth after tripping on the sidewalk, or maybe a dull discomfort in the mouth has amped up to severe pain without warning. At RiNo Dental, we’re never too far away from your home or office to offer help. Emergency dentist Dr. Bryant Franz makes time for emergency cases as soon as possible, and we can give you advice for how to handle the situation over the phone or in a text as well. If you’re here in the RiNo neighborhood and in dire straits regarding your one-in-a-million smile, don’t hesitate to contact us.    

Can you not get to us right away? Here are some tips for what to do first in common emergency situations:

I’ve Knocked A Tooth Out

RiNo Emergency Dentist Metal pliers holding toothWhen you lose a tooth, we may be able to save it – but time is seriously of the essence. First question: do you still have the tooth? If so, pick it up, rinse off any dirt or debris under lukewarm water (while leaving all the natural tissue in place), and place it back into its original place in the mouth. If you can’t do that, you can hold it in your cheek pocket or place it in a cup of milk; the trick is to keep the tooth as moist as possible. Then, head straight to our office!

I’ve Broken A Tooth

Lady worriedly holding teethIf any big parts of the tooth have come loose, gather them up in a plastic bag or other container and bring them with you to our location. You will probably experience some facial swelling, but don’t worry – a cold compress can reduce this effect.

I Have A Really Bad Toothache

Woman grimacing and holding cheekSometimes, this kind of pain happens because of something that’s stuck between teeth or somewhere in the mouth. Floss and rinse first to rule out this possibility. If you’re still in agony, give us a call. It’s fine if you want to take a painkiller, but don’t touch it to the gums – it can burn the skin!

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