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Your Dentist Is Fighting Back Against Covid-19

Toothaches suck. But do you know what’s even worse? Getting infected with the coronavirus while trying to get your toothache fixed. Unfortunately, it’s a real possibility that dentists have had to think about while reopening their offices. Your LoDo dentist wants to keep you safe, so they’ve been hard at work implementing new policies that help prevent the spread of the virus inside their office. Keep reading to find out how these actions will affect your next dental appointment.


If you’re wearing gloves and a mask when going outside, you’re taking positive steps to protect yourself. Unfortunately, germs can collect on them, so you’ll be asked to throw them away right before you enter your dentist’s office.


No contact greetings are the new way to say hello while following proper social distancing guidelines. When you come in for your next visit, your dentist might welcome you by bowing or saluting you.


The first thing you’ll do when you arrive at the office will be to answer a list of questions to determine if you currently have any symptoms of COVID-19. A team member will also take your temperature with a no contact device to confirm that you don’t have a fever.


Before heading to the treatment room, someone will take the time to brief you on the office’s updated safety procedures. This person is the designated safety champion, and they are there to ensure everyone knows what to do to prevent the virus from spreading.


As you probably already know, your mouth is full of germs. Many dental procedures can release them into the air, allowing them to contaminate surfaces. Prior to sitting in the dental chair, you may be asked to rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to remove some of the bacterial and viral particles that might be present in your mouth.


Both N95 and ASTM Level 3 masks are going to be worn whenever a member of the dental team needs to interact with a patient.


On your way out, you might see someone wiping down the operatory you were in. Dentists are rightfully concerned about the accumulation of viral particles on surfaces in their offices. They’re taking the time to thoroughly wipe down any areas a patient comes in contact with at the end of their appointment. They are also cleaning the entire office at the end of the day.

While a lot has changed over the last few months, your dentist’s commitment to keeping your safe has not. These are just a few of the additional procedures your dentist is using to defend you against the coronavirus. When you return for care, you can be confident that they are doing everything they can to protect the health of your entire body.


Dr. Bryant Franz understands that a dental office can feel uncomfortable, especially during these uncertain times. He and his team have worked to create an environment that is both relaxing and safe. They have added 17 new policies to make sure that germs are kept away from you during every part of the treatment experience. To learn more about how he can help you with a dental issue, you can contact him through his website or at 720-943-7484.

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